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I’m a software engineer driven to share in the construction of our exhilarating future.

It’s fuel for the daily struggle to perpetuate a degree of commitment, imagination, and focus that goes an order of magnitude beyond what qualifies as sufficient.

I develop machine learning scripts in Python, employ JavaScript in the creation of aesthetically-pleasing, interactive designs, and geek-out to the totality of Haskell’s easily-concurrent, purely functional glory.

I am a voracious reader because the glory of our lives are born from the inherited wisdom we receive from others.

I work continuously to cultivate a lifestyle grounded in discipline, empathy, curiosity, and resilience, and through this blog I hope others can find value in my knowledge and in the lessons of an imperfect life.

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Try this – describe the first person you saw today outside your home. If it had been President Obama breakdancing, you probably would have remembered. Some things are just more memorable than others.

Moonwalking With Einstein is the New York Times bestseller that explores this truth and discovers how everyday individuals can unlock their super-human memories… even memorize a million digits of pi.

Odla is the missing companion and study guide to Moonwalking with Einstein. Practice once a day and you’ll soon be impressing the world with your unbelievable memory.

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“Change the world”. “Scrum”. “Inside-out lossless compression”. These are all strings of UTF-8 characters that can be compressed using Pious Piper’s [non-]proprietary technology.

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I Can Teach You A Haskell: 4 – GHCI Commands

October 25th, 2016|Comments Off on I Can Teach You A Haskell: 4 – GHCI Commands

I Can Teach You A Haskell: 3 – Running a Script

October 19th, 2016|Comments Off on I Can Teach You A Haskell: 3 – Running a Script

I Can Teach You A Haskell: 2 – First Operations

October 13th, 2016|Comments Off on I Can Teach You A Haskell: 2 – First Operations

Colleagues and Friends

What They Can Tell You

Julian is selfless and affable.  Typically, with great capability, ego follows suit. Even though Julian’s dedication and intelligence often place him light years ahead of his peers, he always remains approachable and helpful. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Julian is a very talented, unique, proactive learner, networker, and growth-hacker that has helped me immensely to be a better person and developer. He is very resourceful, ambitious, and humble, and is always finding ways to improve himself and his skill-set. I see great things in him and in his future, and am fortunate to have crossed paths with him. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together with Julian.

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